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Thank you so much for your generous investment into Love Married Life. 

Through your care and generous support families are staying together and people are rebuilding broken lives and finding hope. Because of your gift, individuals and families are receiving the help that they need, divorces are being cancelled and marriages are enjoying phenomenal love.  Bob and Audrey are supported by your donations and provide the following:


Every Day Hope

Thousands are signing up to receive this scripture-inspired dose of revelation and hope!  Investing just a few minutes a day will give you God-given perspective and encouragement to live a life full of faith for your family.  Your gift enables this free resource to reach limitless amounts of people every weekday.

Live transformed Podcast

Every week there is a new podcast featuring Dr. Jim Richards and other guests tackling the obstacles that keep us from living an effortless life that has already been provided for us through Jesus Christ.  Get ready to hear fascinating ideas, applications for your own life and wisdom to experience true heart transformation.

World Outreach

Countries like Bulgaria, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Puerto Rico and India are being influenced and have been personally visited by Bob and Audrey.  By training leaders to help couples help other couples, the message of hope for marriage is being multiplied, promoting the principles necessary to Love Married Life.  

Marriage solutions

Through online courses, personal consulting, getaways and intensives, couples are receiving the help they need to break destructive cycles in their relationship and keeping their families together. Your gift is sponsoring couples that desperately need the help, but are unable to pay for these services.  

Note from Bob and Audrey:

“It’s difficult to describe what it means to see a family saved right in front of our eyes.  We are fully aware that it’s only the power of God that can accomplish such a beautiful reunion, but He has equipped us to be a voice of hope and strategy.  Knowing that we can provide this help to as many couples as possible, even those who don’t have the finances to fully pay, fills our hearts with extreme gratitude for those of you who have invested in this ministry.   

Your gift is an investment that goes above and beyond our expectations and we appreciate you more than words could ever say.  We believe that there will be tremendous return on your investment, and we are praying and believing for unlimited possibilities for you and your family!”

Bob and Audrey