Audience of One

I’ll bless you every day and keep it up from now to eternity. God is magnificent; he can never be praised enough. There are no boundaries to his greatness.

(Psalm 145:2-3 MSG).


As we begin 2016, I am highly aware of my need for God my Saviour, my friend and my source of all hope, peace, and joy.  It seems that with each passing year I become even more dependent on Him, and I will start each day with praise – blessing the Lord for there are no boundaries to His greatness!


Psalm 145 is the last recorded Psalm we have from King David. I can sense that he has grown more dependent on the Lord each year, and there is a profound simplicity that reveals the profound personal discoveries he made on the path about God’s mercy and grace in the midst of his own trials and sin.  The overpowering message is that our omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Creator God holds us in the grip of His indefatigable grace at all times! It feels like this stunning revelation is incomprehensible this side of heaven. No one can understand the depth, breadth, width, and height of God’s love; we can merely wrap ourselves in it and embrace it while we have breath in our lungs.


As we look back and thank God for the years behind us, we discover He was there all the time, those everlasting arms supporting us and holding us steady. We will spend forever praising God, whose righteousness is unsearchable; yet only those of us who acknowledge that we fail and fall at times can even begin to appreciate His good news of salvation and sanctification. From one generation to another, as God’s acts are told, each transformed life serves as a living witness to His power.


Known for being “the sweet singer of Israel,” David’s songs were first sung for an audience of One—out in the sheepfold while tending his father’s flocks. There this talented musician and poet communed with God, honing his skill for playing on the harp which would later serve him well in the courts of King Saul. His reverence for God made him a man after God’s own heart. The heading above Psalm 145 reads “a psalm of praise,” the only psalm with this unique designation. While all of David’s psalms were sung in praise to God, clearly this one stands apart as the clarion call to worship.


Let’s look forward to 2016.  Imagine a blank slate in front of you.  Anticipate miracles, believe for breakthrough and consider all the experiences that are ahead of you, evidence of God’s unfailing love and constant faithfulness.  Most importantly, ask God for a tender heart, prepared to the bless the Lord every day.  There is nothing more astoundingly beautiful than worshipping for an Audience of One.  The intimacy and beauty of words you share with Jesus that no other person will ever hear…that is truly the most fulfilling desire you could have for this coming year.


Today is my Day to get alone with God, and put words and song to my worship and thoughts of love and gratitude to Him.  I dedicate this next year to be set apart for Him and thank Him continuously for the miracle of friendship with the King of all Kings.


Happy Miracle Monday to you our dear friend!

Love Audrey (for both of us)