A Bold and Expectant Prayer

A revelation hit me in regards to creating with God in the place of prayer.  Every day is a new opportunity to grow with God and deepen our understanding of His ways and His thoughts.  Our posture of prayer, and language of prayer is so personal, and there isn’t a right way or wrong way, but as Bob and I have been diving into the subject Co-Creating with God this week, I felt the challenge to pray with more boldness and faith.


Praying in the present tense, in faith that His promises are alive in us in THIS MOMENT takes courage! I pray that God will amaze you with His wisdom and presence as you make these words your own:


Dear Jesus,


I always need you as my best friend, and you never disappoint.


Jesus, I give you the deepest part of me.  I give you the essence of my breath and my life.  I give you the secrets of my hopes and dreams.   Please hold them and take care of them for me.


I trust you.  I dare to come to you with more confidence and boldness in my expectations of you.  I’m so secure in you – to the point of recklessness that you will not disappoint or put to shame.


I recognize your ways – how you operate and how you lead me along your paths.   Your skillful instruction keeps me on track.  I walk in safety, victory and prosperity.


Your friendship is my safe place.


My hopes, desires, passions and dreams are growing and prospering easily and effortlessly.  Blossoming with your favor and friendship – inheriting all that you have promised.


God, make every endeavor completely successful…but wait, what if they aren’t your best way of doing things? Aren’t my prayers, then, being presumptuous?  How am I to be sure this is the best way? If I envision everything working out just the way I planned…what if that isn’t exactly your highest?


I surrender to your best way but I don’t want to cop out when it comes to bold expectations of you!  I want to be reckless in my prayers because I am so secure in you.  So, with that confidence I pray:


God I pray that I will be so extremely…

BOLD to hear your voice more, every minute.

CONFIDENT that we will grow closer as friends, even more intimate.

SECURE - that I never doubt your Father-provision.

DARING – to recklessly do anything you ask – knowing you will never put me to shame.

CONTENT – at rest knowing that worldly measurements don’t define me.

AT PEACE – that the storms around me never touch me or my dwelling place.

EXPECTANT of God moments all the time – regularly experiencing, feeling, knowing the reality of God actually with me.

AMAZED at the fruit of the spirit that keeps growing in me – more patience!  More kindness!  More gentleness!  The fruit just keeps growing and growing!

READY for gifts of the spirit to surprise me.  The gift of healing, prophecy, words of knowledge, tongues and wisdom!


Thank you Jesus!


I found myself making room for Creator-God to create new possibilities and endless opportunities that my finite mind could never dream up.  I can pray those with boldness knowing that it doesn’t limit God to how things “turn out” here on earth.  HOWEVER, because of these prayers busting open the power of the Holy Spirit, they will absolutely result in success, great family relationships and effective kingdom building – but there’s no presumption on what it will look like exactly. It leaves room and space for a million different ways for it to happen.  It removes my limitation of how I create the outcomes.  I leave the methods to God.


When we are truly living with this we are walking-talking-living-co-Creating with God.  We are creating destiny with every step we take.


Have an amazing day dear friends!

Love Audrey