Giving You What I've Got

Jesus didn’t depend on anything or anybody on earth!   When Jesus performed his first public miracle, he didn’t just pull it out of thin air, he changed the climate of a situation by asking for something to work with. The wedding had run out of wine, and he simply said, “Hey, does anyone have some pots and some water?”


“So then faith that doesn’t involve actions is phony” (James 2:17 tPt).


I’m pretty sure Jesus is asking this of us on a daily basis.  Hey, I know you need some (wine, or whatever it is you have run out of…maybe it’s hope, or peace or wisdom) and I’m a miracle-working God, but can you give me what you have over there? A shift takes place when we give something to Him to work with.  I’m pretty sure, if you’re anything like me, I would just say, yes! Sure! Of course!  I’ll give you anything you need!


That’s what we say on the surface, but sometimes our thought-life proves otherwise.  Does this sound familiar?  “Of course, Lord, you need my faith that you will take care of this? Yes! Then it gets a little more specific, “Oh, you want me to give you my worries about this?  You want me to surrender my thoughts of despair that this isn’t going to end well? (deep breath) “You want me to believe the impossible?”


Let’s do it.  Let’s not only give him everything He’s asking for, but let’s give Him the very best that we’ve got. Let’s give him our idols, our time, our resources.  I love soul music.  Anita Baker sings a song that’s in one of my iTunes folder called “Faves”.  Here of a few of the lines from the lyrics of “Giving you the Best that I Got”…

“Ain't there something I can give you, in exchange for everything you give to me?

Read my mind and make me feel just fine when I think my peace of mind is out of reach…

We love so strong and so unselfishly, they don't bother me so I'm gonna keep on

giving you the best that I got, baby…Somebody understands me…Somebody gave his heart to me..I stumbled my whole life long…Always on my own…now I'm home!

My weary mind is rested…And I feel as if my home is in your arms…Fears are all gone…I like the sound of your song…And I think I wanna sing it forever…”

What do you have for Jesus to work with?  Just like the miracle of making water into wine, he asked people to bring what they had, empty vessels. Even if you feel you have nothing left…give Him what you’ve got and watch paradise unfold in front of you.

Today is my Day to ask God if there’s anything specific I have been holding on to…maybe it’s fear of abandonment, loneliness, secrets, this list could be a mile long , but I am asking God to continue the process of setting me free from prisons of hopelessness. That’s trust in action.

With Lots of Love,