I am Confident

“Those who fear the Lord are secure;

He will be a refuge for their children” (Proverbs 14:26 NLT).


Many people lack confidence in life.  None of us are immune from having moments of feeling paralyzed by the past, or perplexed by the present, or afraid of the future.  It is human nature to battle insecurities and feeling of inferiority.  But because we are in Christ, we know who we are in Him, and we can be confident in our identity. For those who fear the Lord, we have nothing left to fear!


As we are submitted to the headship of Jesus, in Him “we have boldness and access with confidence” (Ephesians 3:12).  Most of us would understand that this means we have access into the presence of our Father in heaven, but it may also mean access into our future destiny and purpose! Doors are flying open in front of us! May we awaken to this kind of tenacious faith and bold assurance as part of the legacy we impart to our generations!


The fear of the Lord nurtures confidence in His presence.  As children of the Most High God, we are called to walk in strong confidence, never intimidated by people, not afraid of circumstances or overwhelmed by challenges.


The fear of the Lord is the highest degree of reverence for God.  Knowing who we are in Him sets us apart and invites us into a life that is ruined for the ordinary! This verse makes it so clear, not only are we secure and have friendship with God, but for those who fear the Lord, God is a refuge for our entire family.  What a confidence we have in Him!


Today is my day to honor you, God, to the highest place in my life.  Lord, may an atmosphere of the fear of the Lord permeate my home and hover over my family.  May I have a loving devotion towards you that resembles your holiness and melts in your presence.  You are Lord of my life, and Lord of my home.  I am filled with awe of your greatness, your holiness, and your power.


I celebrate your confidence in Him!

Blessings and Favor to you,

Love Audrey