I've Got Extra

In Elementary School it was a rare treat to have a pack of gum.  Even though it only cost a dime, those dimes were not always readily available, believe me!  I grew up in a Holy-Spirit-filled home where we lived by faith.  And I say that quite literally.  For years, my parents were missionaries to our city and didn’t have salaries. The crazy thing is, I look back and I always thought I had extra!  Not only “just enough” but extra! That’s how God is.


One summer a grocery story burned down, and the manager knew my Dad (best-dad-ever by the way) and said, “Hey Willard, I’ll bet some of this canned food is still fine! Before they come and clean up all the debris from this fire, do you want to bring a truck and check it out?”  That was the beautiful summer day when manna came down from heaven.  Our back yard became a big filing cabinet.  “Come on kids!  Let’s sort out our loot! Open every box!”  The labels were burned off the majority of the canned foods, but that just added to the adventure.  “Audrey, go downstairs and grab some cans for dinner”.    


We ended up with several cases…(I have to repeat this for emphasis) CASES of Big Red Chewing Gum.  So I was “that girl” at school who not only always had an abundance of chewing gum, but I even had extra.  It was easy to be generous with my gum. I loved being generous with that cinnamon-hot-goodness!


Now let’s talk about you. There is something unique that you have, that you have extra.  Maybe it’s peace (you just can’t help but be chill) or faith (You are oozing with it!) or compassion (you just want to take care of everybody).  Ask God what your unique “extra” is.  For me, it’s encouragement.  My friends and family will vouch for me, I will come up with some kind of an optimistic encouraging remark even when someone has no desire to hear it!  But I’ve got extra, so I want to share it with you right this minute:


“Anxious fear brings depression, but a life-giving word of encouragement can do

wonders to restore joy to the heart” (Proverbs 12:25 TPT).



My desire today is to speak into your heart, and give you a life-giving word of

encouragement.  It will do wonders to restore the joy in your heart.  I have asked the

Lord to give me His Words that will reach you in the place you need it most, and this

is my declaration over your life:


“My child, I know everything about you, your heart and the things going on in your

life.  You are not alone, because I am your very best friend. You are safe with me.  I

am faithful, it’s my very character, so you can trust me.  I am committed to you, and I

can assure you with all confidence that all these things will work together for good.

I have begun a good work in you, and I am faithful to complete it.  I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. There is no reason to feel the guilt of your past anymore.  I really have forgiven you!  Even though people may be laying the guilt on thick, you don’t have to let it stick.  I am giving you a present today, and it’s a glorious future.  There is hope in Me…don’t give up!”


Today is my day to ask God to give me ideas of how I can be a giver today with my “extra”.  I will be ready to give words of encouragement to others, give a smile, give hope, give something away, just be generous and notice how your heart is opened up to receive joy and walk in the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven.