Miracle Words

“Words kill, words give life; They’re either poison or fruit—you choose” (Proverbs 18:21 The Message).


In a world that continues to face seemingly insurmountable challenges, the need for powerful, creative, life-changing, spoken words is desperate.  That’s why we have designated Miracle Mondays to encourage us all in our faith and remember that the words of our prayers hold the power to change atmospheres and create opportunities of hope and destiny!


Something powerful happens when the Word of God is released as a spiritual decree.  There’s a majestic anointing; there’s a shift into a regal anointing that aligns us as daughters and sons of the King of Kings.   We can actually use our words to release life over ourselves, our families, our homes, our work, our communities, our spheres of influence and the list could go on.


Decrees are the vehicle through which truths in the spiritual realm become tangible realities in the natural realm, so let’s align ourselves with the God’s Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy.  “May thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”.  God’s will is for divine protection, provision and promotion!


Bob and I are praying for hope to rise up in you today.  Your children are loved, favored and full of the peace of God.  Your finances are abundant, blessed and without any lack.  Your home is saturated with the presence of God, everyone who enters in is captivated by joy.  You heart is healed. The liquid-love of Father-God Himself is reaching every place of pain and bringing restoration.  You forgive easily, you love Wisdom and you have the Mind of Christ.  Insight and divine ideas come easily to you. The Lord shows you where to go, and you recognize His voice when He speaks.  His path leads you to safety, prosperity and victory.


Today is my day to change the atmosphere around me.  I know that God’s Word will not return void.  And I will witness the power of life being released in me, and those around me in awe-inspiring ways!


Have an incredible Miracle Monday as you decree God’s life and love!


Thankful for you,



P.S.  This last weekend we ministered in Tucson, Arizona and witnessed several divorces cancelled and many people experienced breakthrough in their marriage relationships.   We are in awe of what Jesus is doing to heal broken hearts!  We are fully aware that this is the beginning of a marriage revolution!  Thank you for your prayers…together we are fighting for families!