Recipe for a Happy Family

We are clothed with strength and dignity, and we laugh without fear of the future. When we speak, our words are wise, and we give instructions with kindness.”(Psalm 31:25 New Living Translation).


Strength! Wisdom! Laughter!


Oh, to enjoy our life together within families…putting away the stresses of our differences and seeing each one as a gift.  Every family represents arrays of personalities, intensities and interests.  But when we speak in kindness and protect each other’s dignity we will laugh without fear of the future.  For when a family prays and plays together, the security of the days to come is confident in the place of unconditional love.


Bob and I spent the day together with my parents, Willard and Betty.  Mom cooked dinner and Dad spent hours helping us with our tax returns.  I look at them in awe…78 years old and full of life and laughter.  Sacrificially and effortlessly giving generously to their kids to benefit their lives…just because that’s just what parents do. That’s who I want to be.


Right in the middle of doing the taxes together, I asked Dad to help me remember that song he used to sing in the 1940’s in Sunday School…you know the one where the devil is a sly old fox?  Something about putting him in a box?  Oh, he remembered!  He broke into song, and I caught it on video. (see box of my Dad, Willard).  That’s my dad.  Always ready to sing, always ready to celebrate and love life.


I know life is serious, and I realize that things aren’t always effortless, but let’s make our love and laughter close to the surface.  Let’s be loaded with hope no matter what.  Making memories, laughing at yourself, and making it easy for your kids to come home?  That’s the kind of stuff that you’ll never regret.


Today is my day to smile and remember something funny and remind my family of it.  Today is my day to bask in the security of God’s protection and love…He’s the one that invented singing and laughing in the first place!


Loving our days together,