Transfer your Trust

“Blessed are the poor in the spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:


Bob and I are both dual citizens of both Canada and the USA.  There are mostly advantages to this privilege, but it does involve dealing with two different money currencies, U.S. and Canadian.  For all my Canadian friends and family out there trading to the U.S. currency, you all know how sad it feels when we give the bank a mitt-full of money and leave with a pretty-poor exchange – it doesn’t feel fair!


Let’s explore some myths when it comes to currency.  According to this famous scripture from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is astounding us with His understanding about what it means to be poor.  Rich people aren’t happy people.  Poor people aren’t happy people.  So then, who are the privileged ones that live in the Kingdom of Happy-Heavenly-Living here on earth? The poor in spirit! People who embrace their daily dependence on God, no matter what they have or don’t have!


The moment you put your trust in riches instead of Him who richly provides, you are unhappy.  The moment you transfer your trust from you Heavenly Father to your riches, and by riches I mean, your opportunities, your education, what you have, what you own, what you’ve borrowed for, what you drive, where you live, all the stuff we people build our self esteem around.  The moment we transfer our trust, we become unhappy, and here’s why.  Suddenly it is up to you to control outcomes.  


And you can’t control outcomes.


You can influence outcomes, but at the end of the day, none of us control outcomes. And the moment I trust in riches, instead of Him who richly provides, suddenly I take upon myself a responsibility that is too big for me to carry.  This is why you’ve met unhappy poor people, middle class people, and unhappy rich people.


Anybody who is feeling the burden of “It is up to me” is by definition, unhappy.


And Jesus says, let me tell you who the happy people are!  They are rich, they are in the middle, and they are poor! They are people that are poor in spirit that recognize, “I am as dependent upon God for my provision as I have ever been” because the poor do not attempt to find ultimate satisfaction in things because things are not an option.  Your Heavenly Father has invited you and me into live with that same idea and understanding.  At the end of the day, my confidence is not in stuff, my confidence is in the One who provides the stuff!


If “Trusting God” were coins or currency of some kind, how much currency do you have?  Do you have so much “Trust in God” in your heavenly bank account, that there’s an unlimited supply? When hopelessness wants to steal from you, do you simply withdraw from your account of trust and diminish the debt? Are you super-rich when it comes to depending on God for absolutely everything?  I encourage you to start treasuring the currency of heaven that actually makes you happy.  


Today is my day to declare my dependence on God for everything.  I say out loud,

“Papa God, I am totally dependent on you every single minute of every single day.  I no longer want to believe that “it’s up to me”…I surrender to your ways and trust you like never before.  Teach me to trust you.  The more I get to know you and experience you, the more I trust you.  So take me and teach me, I’m all yours.


Have a great day, my rich friend!

Love Audrey