Words in Relationships

“When you speak healing words, you offer others fruit from the tree of life.  But unhealthy, negative words do nothing but crush their hopes” (Proverbs 15:4, The Passion Translation).


Our words are extremely powerful in our relationships.  I realize I’m stating the obvious, but do we truly understand the impact of negative words?  If we did, I’m pretty sure we would be extremely-extremely careful what we say to the people we love the most.


For the sake of exposure can we define and research the word “crush” for a few sentences? To crush hope means to forcibly and strongly destroy someone’s confident expectations.  Negative words will ultimately utterly suppress and subdue the anticipation of a joy-filled and bright future.  Damaging arguments have the power to extract hope by using pressure and adverse strength.


Now, of course, we rarely intend or desire to invoke such detrimental affects on the people around us, especially those that we love, but maybe we need to acknowledge the power that words have as weapons.  It has happened to me, and it’s most likely happened to you, I have walked away from a conversation and felt like someone has squeezed the life out of me.  There’s a good chance that unhealthy and negative words have attempted to crush my hope! Not only do I dislike experiencing that feeling, but more so I want to take responsibility for the times that I have inflicted this feeling on somebody else!


Now, here’s the good news. This proverb, like so many, is a comparison.  To the same degree that my negative words can crush, my healing words have the potential to offer fruit from the tree of life. We can be in agreement with the abundant life that God offers to every single person.   Even when you pray for your family and loved ones, to be in agreement with the “real” them…the redeemed and restored version of themselves, you are praying life and healing to their future.


Healing words are like seeds being planted in people’s hearts.  These seeds are alive and purposed to thrive and flourish, blooming with the abundant life of Jesus.  What a delight to know that we partner with heaven when we use wisdom in our relationships and pay close attention to our words.  Taking that a step deeper, we also know that words are just the expression of what is already in our hearts.  So let’s not only take joy in having words that promote harmony and joy, but let’s believe in our hearts that we are loved, therefore we can’t help but express love.  Sure, hurting people hurt others, but loved people love others.  It goes both ways! And it goes without trying!


My dear friend, you are loved beyond measure.  Do you want happy, successful, and fulfilled relationships? Do you want to have peace in your heart and purpose for each day? Know love and speak words of healing.


Today is my day to speak healing words to every person I encounter.  I will immediately recognize and interrupt myself if (or when) unhealthy or negative words escape me.  I am on this earth as God’s representative, and therefore wisdom is my very nature, and my words offer fruit from the tree of life. (What a great declaration!)


We are believing for restoration for you in your relationships and family.  Don’t give up!  You are an ambassador of hope!


Lots of Love,