Your Family Miracle

“There is hope in your future, says the Lord, that your children shall come back to their own border” (Jeremiah 31:17).


Your family is precious, full of God’s favor and headed straight for God’s goodness in the land of the living! We all have family members that we are praying for, and discouragement can sometimes hit us pretty hard, but breakthrough is on its way.


It’s Miracle Monday, and Bob and I could not be more convinced that the Holy Spirit is working behind the scenes whispering words of invitation to our spouses, our kids and grandkids to a life of light and love in His presence.  Plus, our heavenly father, our amazing Dad…Papa…is downloading His wisdom to you and me every day of how we can pray for our families, promote His peace in our homes and experience extravagant love that never fails.


The scripture above is a reference to the children of Israel, who were captives of war, carried away into the bondage of Babylon.  Enslaved in a foreign nation, they longed to be free and see their children return one day to the Promised Land.  God testified in this passage that their hopes would be fulfilled.


The promise is clear that we will (and our offspring) will be brought back to the “border” of a spiritual land of promise: a place of blessed and fruitful relationship with the Most High God.  Let’s celebrate the hope we have of returning to the perfection of the original paradise state – intimacy with God!


Today is my day to pray for my family.  Lord, I confess that as longer as there is a God in heaven there is hope.  I thank you Lord, that my family members will always come back to the “boundary” of the truth.  My family is blessed to dwell in a spiritual land of promise, a land filled with both the promises in Your written Word and any living word promises you have spoken over their life.  Today is my day to witness the miracle of your power and love!


Lots of love in Jesus,



P.S.  Thank you for your anniversary blessings!  Last week we heard from many of you and the miracles that are happening in your family.  Here is a story of a restored marriage that I received in my inbox on Facebook:


“Congratulations on 32 years! Your marriage has been a blessing to mine. I spoke briefly with you at The Rock of KC back in 2014 when my husband had filed for divorce. You prayed for me and for us. You wrote a sweet note in your book to me and I treasure it. I sat at your seminar alone in 2014...and then got to sit at the same seminar a year later with my husband by my side in 2015. You both are amazing and thanks for sharing your story! God bless!”


It’s Miracle Monday! God’s promises are for your children and family members to come back to His goodness and grace!