I'm Deeply Offended - Now I'm Mad!

Quick note from Audrey:

Bob and I hope you’re having a great day today!  I personally faced a challenge right before Christmas that had the potential to steal my joy, in this video I describe how Jesus met me.  I really believe you’ll be encouraged!

Remember, recognizing lies is the best way to breakthrough!


The Lie: I’m Deeply Offended – Now I’m Mad

When anger is infiltrating your thoughts, it leaves very little room for joy, and it’s virtually impossible to experience beautiful family memories! An offense that demands justice leaves you paralyzed with fury. 


So what do you do with this anger?

Our human reaction is to fight back.  If I have been judged or accused, I immediately formulate judgment right back! My mind immediately counter-balances the attack with new thoughts of ways “that” person has failed. 


The “madness” has to turn to “sadness” before it can be released.

When Robert was in Kindergarten he made this statement.  “I can’t get rid of MAD until I get SAD first”.  That’s pretty profound.  Anger holds on to me.  Pain and sadness make space for Jesus to heal my broken heart. 


Taking thoughts captive leaves no room for judgment.

When you love, you can’t lose.  Daily dealing with the thoughts that direct your life, allows you to choose patterns of peace, mercy and unconditional love.  Hurting people hurt others, so that person that hurt you is crying out for love deep down.

We are looking forward to dismantling lies with you ALL YEAR LONG in 2017!
Let’s live in joy, hope and peace together – Bob and I love you and are fighting for your family!


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