Eyes of Faith

You have been Qualified

This week’s theme for Every Day Hope is inspired by this amazing promise from Jesus that encourages us to see our future through the eyes of faith – because absolutely nothing is impossible!  You are called to greater works…and we want to ignite extreme hope into your heart for your family, for your health and for God’s purposes to be lived through your life.  This is a season of breakthrough for you!  

12 “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. 13 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. 14 Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it! (John 14:12).

Any area where we feel limited or squashed (my word for discouraged) is an area where God wants to heal our belief system.  I have personally been challenged to believe God when He says that I will do greater works than Him.  Oh my goodness, that is a big belief to tackle – it stretches my faith beyond anything I have believed for before.  We all have imagined an elastic band being stretched…it gets more uncomfortable – the bigger it gets!  Well our faith is like a muscle that needs to be challenged and stretched.  And our faith pleases God.

So what does it look like to see with eyes of faith?  It means we literally interpret our circumstances through the lens of possibilities.  Numbers 13 details the fantastic and exciting story when God sends scouts into the land.  Or shall we say, spies (I love that we are part of God’s covert operation).  After forty days of experiencing huge grapes and extreme provision of every kind, the twelve spies came back with their report.  Ten said, “We will be devoured”.  It doesn’t get more hopeless than that!  

But we all love Joshua and Caleb.  I know you know this story…but it’s so fun to think about again today, because those two guys were impenetrable.  They couldn’t see discouragement if they tried!  They couldn’t envision failure!  Sure, they saw the same giants and insurmountable enemies, but they saw right “through them” and saw the glory of God prevailing!  With victory and might! I love these guys!  I want to “be” them!  Caleb’s word: “We can certainly conquer it”.  Certainty.

Let’s talk about you and your future.  It’s the beginning of September, and there dreams and goals you have that take you through to Christmas, and God is inviting you to certainty.  You can certainly conquer it.  Feel the power of these words as they sink through to your heart and your beliefs.  I can conquer it because Jesus is in me, living His life through me.  Christ in you is your hope.  You can do all things.

How are you going to look at your future? There are two choices in front of you: With eyes of fear, or eyes of faith.

Today is my day to receive clear vision for my future.  To see through the eyes of enthusiastic agreement with God’s best.  To see my circumstances, family and future look like through the lens of radical hope. Instead of just going with the crowd, I am going to be a representative of God’s opinion – just like Joshua and Caleb, and I will say, “We can conquer this!”

Removing the Lens of Fear

This is your season of breakthrough.  Jesus knows every detail of what you have been in conversation with Him about.  He cares about your relationships, your family, your health and your finances.  It’s time to grow and stretch your faith and believe like never before.  This is your season of possibilities!

We hope you were able to watch the video yesterday where we prayed in agreement with you for YOUR FUTURE.  Now, as promised, let’s look at the difference between the affects of seeing through eyes of FEAR and eyes of FAITH.

Let’s start with FEAR. This is what happens when your vision is restricted by fear:

1.  We Exaggerate Difficulties 

Our problems get bigger! Somebody criticizes us, and suddenly that’s all we think about.  Instead of dwelling on the miraculous provision of God, we are bombarded with a negative attitude, and our difficulties increase!  Don’t kid yourself, negativity is contagious, so we must do all we can do resist the virus.  

2.  We Undermine our true Identity

The ten spies in the book of Numbers were overwhelmed with insecurity.  They reported, “We are like grasshoppers compared to these giants!”  Well, first of all, comparing, no matter how tempting, will never turn out well.  And secondly, we are often enslaved by our own debilitating self-image.  It’s probable that someone has said something to you that never should have been said.  It’s likely that things have been done to you that never should have been done.  Maybe you heard someone say something and you believed them. They may have said, “You’re ugly. You’re uncoordinated. You can't sing.  You're not smart enough..” The list goes onand on, but these words have the power to form a prison around out true self.   


3.  We get Discouraged 

Numbers 14:1 says: “Then the whole community began weeping aloud, and they cried all night”.  Most of us can confess that we have lived through a sleepless night where our worst fears feel like reality.  There isn’t judgment here, this is just an indicator that we can remove those eyes of fear, and see through the eyes of faith.  We can swim upstream, go against the flow, however you want to see it, and decide that we can conquer.  

4.  We Start Griping about our Lives 

Complaining usually whines about not having enough:  Not enough time, talent, resources, energy, money, friends, encouragement, the list is endless.  Jesus made sure that He supplied an abundant life.  Let’s be in agreement with Him, instead of lost in our pool of despair.  

5.  We give up and BLAME GOD 

Numbers 14:3 says, “Why is the Lord taking us to this country only to have us die in battle?”  God has nothing but wonderful things in store for you and your future.  It is never His will that you should suffer and give up.  He never causes pain or tragedy.  He is the healer of broken hearts, and sets the captives free.  It might be that this is your day to forgive God…and release Him from being responsible for your outcomes.  

Today is my day to take responsibility for the fear that has attempted to sabotage my future.  I put off the fear, and put on faith, hope and love.  I have chosen to take off the lens of fear and I refuse to think about “worst case scenario”.  I will be just like Joshua and Caleb and say, “We will conquer!”

Carrying fear is like carrying baggage.  Some of you are already feeling lighter as you have let go of the load of worry and despair that has weighed you down.  It’s a great day for faith!


Amazing Eyes of Faith

What a great theme this has been for Bob and I this week.  As we have been encouraging you, and praying for you, we have been encouraged ourselves!  Talking about a truth of God naturally expands our faith to believe!  Talking about it turns in to thinking about it, which then transitions to meditating on it, and then suddenly we are beginning to write this new truth on our hearts.  

Let’s explore the wonderful advantages of seeing through the eyes of faith:


1.  Faith is not as much about believing for a specific thing or event as it is about trusting the nature, motive, intention and character of God.

When this is established, then we know, believe and feel the love of God and become partakers of His character. Faith working by love is directly related to my capacity of not only receiving but also GIVING love. When we settle the love issue of how totally and completely loved by God we are - we also settle the faith issue.

2.  Faith places our problems in proper Light 

Now there’s a concept!  How many of us want our problems to shrink? I do!  The word “Impossible” is not in God’s vocabulary.  So, why should it be in mine?  When we dedicate and surrender our lives to God daily, we are aligning our spirit with the Holy Spirit.  When we think God’s thoughts we will see through the eyes of faith which places our problems in perspective to His Promises and provision.

3.  Faith Opens the Door of New Possibilities

22 Jesus turned around, and when he saw her he said, “Daughter, be encouraged! Your faith has made you well.” And the woman was healed at that moment” (Matthew 9:22).

Be encouraged today!  Your faith does not go unnoticed! And faith is not just “confessing” and not facing the reality of your circumstances…no, no, no, it’s just inviting God into your life, with eyes to see Him for who He is.  All powerful, All knowing, All magnificent, All glorious…and on and on and on.  According to your faith, you will receive. Do you believe for Jesus to redeem and restore your family? Do you believe for radical provision?  Do you believe for peace and unconditional love to be lived out in your home?  Let’s all join together and say, “Yes!”

4.  Faith Engages the Promises of God. 

It’s never your own might, or power, or strength that unlocks God’s promises. Scripture clearly distinguishes the difference between our strength and His ability.  It’s not by might nor power, but by MY SPIRIT, says the Lord.  Activated faith turns a God given dream into reality.  And just as Ephesians 3:20 blows open the glass ceiling of expectations, He can do far more than we would ever ask or imagine.   

5.  Faith Gives me Power to Hold on Through Tough Times. 

We can all relate to the moment when it felt like our world was falling under our feet.  Those seasons where time seems to stand still, and we aren’t sure if we are going to make it through our day.  Faith doesn't take you out of the storm, but it calms the storm and reminds you of your identity in Jesus.  Faith doesn't take you out of your current situation, but it takes you through, and by the time you get to the other side you know God more intimately than you ever had before.  

Today is my day to be resilient.  I may fall down, but I will get up.  I might embarrass myself and fight through regret, but I will bounce back.  Insults and criticism will not penetrate to my heart.  Because of my eyes of faith, I won’t have buttons or trigger points…I am loved!  I am unconditionally accepted and approved!  I see clearly through the eyes of faith, and like Joshua and Caleb, I say, I can take on the giants, for my God is with me – and when God is for me, who can be against me?