You Can Know God’s Best Pathway!

Last Monday we talked about the efficiency and intention that happens when we set goals, and how we will be the person, secure in our identity that accomplishes these goals.  We want to be “those” people who hear God’s whisper behind them saying, “This is the way…walk in it…” 

Some of your responses after reading about goals last week:

  • How do I know God’s best direction for my life? 
  • How do I know if I am on the right path?
  • I don’t want to waste time and energy setting goals that aren’t completely in line with God’s best! 

What a beautiful response, for that expression of longing, is spoken from a heart that understands that God’s thoughts are higher than ours, and His ways are higher (and better!) than our ways.  God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.  Let’s take a week and seek HIS way.  “If my people who are called my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then shall they hear from heaven…”

Let’s involve heaven in our anticipation of the future!


Day One: Tackling the Fear of Missing God

Fear of missing God, or missing His best has had its home in my heart for much of my life. I am convinced of His goodness and wisdom, but I’m afraid of my human inability to hear Him correctly, or that my opinion may rob me of being flexible enough to follow His lead. 

 Let’s tackle this fear head on.  About six weeks ago, Bob and I traveled to Bulgaria to minister to families.  I threw my Decrees book in my travel bag and we headed off for a very long plane ride.  On the first flight, I read a decree and something in my heart said, “Whoa. I need that truth written on my heart”. In other words, this has to take the drop from my head straight into the deepest part of me where it’s established in my spirit. I handed the book over to Bob and he commented, “Audrey, that decree really covers it all”.

It’s one thing to read a decree and another thing to memorize it. For me, memorizing is the first step to getting it to my heart. I establish visuals as I memorize, creating little movies in my imagination, and I intentionally allow myself to feel and experience the meaning of the words as I repeat them again and again. 

Now I had ammunition to overthrow the fear.  I began to experience God’s relentless love for me as I read about God’s best pathway for my life.  Over and over again, line upon line, the truth of His Word became my reality.  The first thing I recited in my mind when I woke up, throughout the day, and last thing before I drifted off to sleep.  By the time we got back on the plane eight days later, that decree had become part of my belief system. 

“The Lord guides me along the best pathway for my life.   He advises me and watches over me.

 The Spirit of God pays special attention to me.  With prudence and judicious, vigilant care He imparts instruction and understanding to my mind.  He imbues my spirit with His superior heavenly wisdom such that I am caused to have success and to prosper. 

With the skillful precision of a master-teacher, the Spirit’s accuracy points me in the right direction.

The strength of God establishes a firm foundation, and His vision waters the seeds of His promises within – such that His ways become my natural instincts.

Under the gentle and continuous gaze of His eyes, I receive His deliberate counsel and kingly advice.  His favor, approval, and partiality toward me pave the way for my every day and every circumstance – such that I am brought into the very best of everything”.


“Jesus, I desire to experience your love.  I am not reading this by accident, you are establishing the comfort and care that I can feel knowing that this promise is mine.”


Day Two: When and how do you feel the most safe?

Hands down, I feel the safest when I know where I’m going. Even if it’s rough terrain ahead, if I know God’s leading me I feel encouraged, energized and very close to Him. That’s why memorizing this decree has adjusted me or aligned me to a new level of security.  He knows the best pathway. He is not confused. He is not in question.

In the short six weeks since I established this truth in my heart, a couple of pretty big things in our life have shifted. And they aren’t necessarily “feel-good” positive circumstances! The astounding thing to me is my reactionInstead of freaking out, I have heard the Lord bring clarity: You are leaving your comfort zone, but you are trusting me…right? Yes. This may not look like progress from your point of view, but you are trusting me…right?  Yes. 

In order for a new season to begin, seasons have to end.  In order for God to move you to new things, you have to leave the familiar. But when do we feel most safe?  Security has very little to do with circumstances in this present world and everything to do with your position “IN JEHOVAH”. I know, that I know, that I know that I am on His best pathway for my life…what a safe way to live!

“Thank you God that you know the best pathway for my life…I trust you and can smile at my future knowing that I am safe and secure in your love for me.”


Day Three: He pays close attention to you

Near the beginning of that decree, my memorizing adventure brought me to that line: The Spirit of God pays special attention to me. I guess I’ve known that my entire life as a believer. I have relished in Psalm 139 for most of my life, the scripture that says that God knows when I rise, when I sit down, He knows my thoughts from far away, and His thoughts towards me outnumber the grains of sand…(very paraphrased) so why is this hitting me so deep in my heart?

I got emotional as I recited that line over and over again.  The Spirit of God pays close attention to you.  All of a sudden it just doesn’t matter who else is paying attention.  Maybe you feel like the world rejects you, or your family doesn’t understand you.  Possibly you feel the pressure to make your mark in this world, and your current state isn’t reflecting your goals. 

Well my friend, let this hit you deep in your heart.  The Spirit of God pays very close attention to you.  You are not forgotten.  You are not lost.  There is no need to hide. You are not alone.

“Thank you, Holy Spirit for being attentive to my day, my feelings, my needs and even my fears.  Thank you for caring so deeply about my life.  I surrender to your thoughts and opinions about me.”


Day Four: His ways become your ways

The strength of God establishes a firm foundation, and His wisdom waters the seeds of His promises within – such that His ways become my natural instincts.

I love the effortless victory in this line of the decree.  As I faithfully follow His promises and invite the Holy Spirit to water the seeds within me, it will be easy to think His thoughts!  His ways become my natural instincts, in other words, I don’t have to think about it!

I respond to people’s words with His love. 

I react to other’s actions with His Love. 

My ideas reflect His thoughts. 

My opinions are founded in Him. 

What a way to live!  Make this your prayer today:

Father, establish your strength in my inner being.  Make my foundation strong in you!  I ask you for your wisdom to water the seeds, like rain, on the seeds of promises you have personally given me.  Make it be that your ways are my natural instincts.


Friday: Your Future is Expanding Before You!

You can probably sense my passion about this decree becoming part of the beliefs in my heart. Bob and I have lived in the same home for twelve years, and I seldom miss a day of walking when I’m in town, so you could say I really know the neighborhood.  Including the park that is one street away.  And the open vast desert that is about a four-minute walk from our front door.  I know every path, every cactus (well, almost) and I often venture off the pathways in the desert to forge my own, just because I love adventure. 

After I got home from Bulgaria, I was reciting this decree on my usual walk with our dog, Winston.  Something extremely strange happened.  I was in the park and felt “led” to turn left where I have never turned left before.  A new path I had never seen before opened up in front of me, leading me to beautiful scenery that I had never enjoyed!  It was extremely weird to me because it was like it was new, that someone had put something there that I had never been exposed to! I had been in this park a thousand times, how had I never seen this before?

THAT, my friend, is what happens when we decree God’s best pathways for our life.  He shows us a path that has been there the whole time, you just hadn’t seen it before!  He leads you to new possibilities that have been waiting for you to simply turn a corner!  He opens your eyes to the limitless potential that has never caught your attention!

Thank you, Jesus for new possibilities! In my present situation, right where I am, I thank you for opening up new pathways. Even where things are so familiar, you lead me to places I never even knew existed.  I can trust you, Lord!

Your plan of action?

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