His Goodness Invades Your Home

Because of who you are as a child of God, you are positioned to experience heaven on earth.  And because of the truth of your identity, the sound of your voice cuts through the atmosphere like a trumpet as you declare God’s goodness!  

Declare over your home:

“INSTRUCTION” and “COUNSEL” have invaded our home.

Can you use your imagination and paint a picture of what this looks like? They have showed up at the door full of unique and personalized strategy for each loved one.  I can visualize them like messengers of God, speaking life and wisdom to every person that I care about…I am thankful for their assignment!

My relationships are saturated with mercy.  I don’t judge others and remind them what is “wrong” with them, rather I am amazed at how God’s character is being seen in them.  

My children carry on the legacy of love.  

They are vigorous, passionate, beautiful and strong.   

His goodness invades every moment, every circumstance with hope and joy.

Our marriage is saturated with phenomenal love that comes from God.  We have invited him into our marriage, we ask His opinion and His thoughts and ways are our ways!    

THEN take every thought captive!

Not just the bad thoughts – we aren’t going to give room to hopelessness, despair, fear or shame…but take the GOD-THOUGHTS captive!  As you remember random thoughts of kindness, patience, encouragement and gratefulness, act on them! Instead of just “thinking” these thoughts, be practical and tell your loved ones how you feel about them.  Encourage them with the attributes of God that are easily recognizable in them.  

We pray that this short video inspire you with practical strategy as you believe for God’s best for your relationships, for your family and the ones close to you.

And remember, because God’s goodness has invaded your home, your home is a place of tranquility and contentment. Even though it may be busy, it’s a place of rest.  We desire for our home to be called “House of Mercy”.

“Surely, goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life, and you will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”.


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