Making a Great Decision

“Wait patiently for the Lord.

Be brave and courageous.

Yes, wait patiently for the Lord

(Psalm 27:14).


Yesterday, Psalm 27 was so relevant as we identified the enemies of accusation, lies and discouragement.  The very last line of that chapter needed some more attention, simply because if we would put this verse into practice in our lives, I’m pretty sure we would experience the presence of God like never before!


We all make countless decisions every single day.  Some are automatic, so are intentional, but the best decisions are made from a place of peace.  Bob and I have an agreement to never make decisions from a place of pressure.  The other question we ask is, “What is the most loving thing we can do for every person involved?”  When peace and love are part of our decisions, it invites God’s presence.  Then sometimes we look back and think, “Did we make a mistake?  Could we have made a better choice?”  Maybe!  But Proverbs is so comforting when it says, “Man’s plans are many, but God’s purposes prevail”.  In essence, this means, no matter how many plans we make that don’t work (Plan A turns to Plan B, and they can sometimes go up to Plan Z!) But God will never fail us.  He continues to redeem us and He guarantees that His purposes will prevail.


Are you Waiting for Something?


When we are waiting for something, every single cell in our body wants to cave in and take matters into our own hands.  It helps me to realize that waiting is active, not passive.  Psalm 37 is one of my favorite passages of scripture.  The language is full of calls to action:  Trust; Do good; Dwell; Enjoy; Take delight in; Commit and Be still…


Waiting is hard, that’s why David’s call in the Psalm is to “wait patiently” for the Lord.  And don’t forget that God is with you right now. You’re not alone.  God is at your side through every disappointment, every rejection, even the ones that nobody else knows about!  We aren’t just waiting for God, we are waiting with God.


Today is my day to acknowledge the Lord: “God here’s my map.  Here’s where I’m going.  I think this path is from you.  But if I’m wrong or need a course correction, stop me, redirect me, turn me around. You lead.  I’ll follow.  “Lord, awaken your mind within me, the mind of Christ to have witty ideas, to have clear solutions and to have peace in my decisions.”


I pray God’s blessings to chase you down as you wait for Him!

Love Audrey