Treasure My Wisdom

“My child, only when you treasure my wisdom will you acquire it.  And only if you accept my advice and hide it within, will you succeed” (Proverbs 2:1, The Passion Translation).


When it comes to seeking wisdom, God says it’s like mining for treasure.  It’s like seeking for sterling silver, searching in hidden places.  And when we find the cherished treasure we discover the fear of God and truly worship Him in the awe and wonder that He deserves.


Wisdom is a gift from our very generous God.  Every word He speaks to you is full of revelation and becomes a living fountain of understanding within you.  How do we get more wisdom? Yearn for it.  Prioritize hearing your Father’s voice.  Seek after His presence.  Cherish your time alone with Him.  Desire it!  Only when you want something very-very-very badly will you dig deep to find it.


Bob and I love to designate and set apart Fridays as “Fight for your Family” days…of course we pray and love our families every day, but there’s something intentional about making declarations for our generations, and believing God for His very best for every one of our children, and for our marriage, our parents, our extended clan…family is important!


Today, let’s do more than just “ask God” for wisdom…because acquiring His wisdom, understanding and perspective for our family is the most valuable treasure we could receive!  So instead of just “asking God” let’s seek Him.  Let’s cry out for comprehension, let’s intercede for insight, for the Lord has a hidden storehouse of wisdom made accessible to His godly lovers.


One of the practical things that I do to seek for the treasure of God’s wisdom is to memorize scripture.   Even if it’s just one verse, repeat the powerful truth over and over again until it flows easily and effortlessly from your mouth.  The verse at the top of this email is one that I have been “mulling” over for the last week.  Over and over I repeat this throughout my day, and even as I’m falling asleep: “My child, only when you treasure my wisdom will you acquire it…” I’ve probably said that a hundred times in the last few days. Even that simple act of honoring God’s values is attracting wisdom and divine appointments to each day.


Today is my day to declare: My family is precious and worth fighting for.  There is no possible way to fight for my family without God’s daily wisdom, understanding and perspective.  I will treasure His wisdom. I will choose to follow good counsel and divine design. God’s wisdom will watch over my entire family, and understanding will protect us from making poor choices.  As a family, we choose what is right, we discover all that is just, proper and fair.  We will be empowered to make the right decisions as we walk into our destiny.  Hallelujah-Thank you Jesus!


Have a great weekend, dear friends,

Love Audrey