Every family is worth fighting for! 

We sit here together in AWE.  In awe of God, in awe of His mercy and His ability to heal our broken hearts.  We sit together in peace with no secrets and complete trust between us.  We will never be able to conjure up enough words to express our thanks to God for restoring our family.  And we want every family and marriage to experience the kind of wisdom, strategy and love that only God can provide to turn impossible situations into stories of redemption and grace!

SO HOW? How do you move past the pain?

That’s the question we get asked the most. Rebuilding and finding trust and lasting forgiveness in our families, our marriages, and our relationships is God’s heart for us, yet the challenge is real!  What if trust and forgiveness isn’t deserved?  What if you want to be connected and tender with each other again, but you don’t even know where to start?

Why the eCourse format is perfect

Books are great, but not every couple can “read” a book together, especially if they are in a lot of pain!  Video encouragement is helpful, but how do we get to the very practical aspect of WHAT TO DO.  Most couples just beg us: “Just tell us what to do!”  

This is what happens the minute you purchase the eCourse:

All EIGHT CLASSES are  instantly available for viewing and downloading (and has lifetime access)

Print the workbook
Push play, and start the first video
We walk you through every single step

We have prayed that every couple will feel the warmth, safety and hope of God’s presence as soon as they begin the course.   
If you know anyone: friend, relative, or maybe yourself that has found themselves stuck in a marriage crisis, this is the perfect solution.  Maybe it’s a 20-year-old secret that has never been brought to closure…maybe it’s a porn addiction…maybe you feel betrayed by a spouse who chooses work or friends above you….whatever crisis you’re in or have been through, we have extreme hope for you.   
We turned that HOPE into a full-on strategy: This course is short enough that any busy person can get through it, affordable enough that anyone can buy it, and warm, practical and safe enough that you can get through the hard stuff. 
This is the perfect way to share hope with someone you know.  Forward this to that person you’re thinking of right now. Offer to pay for the course.  This endeavor has been saturated in prayer knowing that God cares deeply for every person who gets this course.  He knows their deepest longing, and their desire for safety and healing in their relationship – and He’s going to love them and heal their hearts AND their family.  
So, our big announcement is, we now have a strategy tool that is more than a book, more than a video, it’s a complete designed course that has lifetime access and can be immediately downloaded, and it’s non-threatening, because you take the course in your own home at your own speed. 
Please join us in praying for the precious ones who will be taking this course.   Your agreement in prayer is the foundation to true transformation…and miracles!
With Much Love and Hope,
Audrey and Bob