Praying BIG in December

Last week I asked myself, when did I feel most ALIVE this past year?  I remembered a season in August when I fasted entertainment and food, and even though it was challenging, I received rich revelation from the Lord that continues to permeate my thoughts and transform my life. Jesus taught me about rest, the Sabbath and helped me understand the most important things in life are not the same as what the world prioritizes.

I started to live the truth: “The attractions of this world have no influence on me”.  There was a shift that took place in my heart, and the result was more peace, more joy and less concern about the worries of this world.  Possibly that fast just helped shift me into alignment with heaven.

As I thought about the incredible fruit that came from that season of fasting, the Lord downloaded strategy for the rest of this year. I desire to END THIS YEAR WELL. Instead of just walking the last lap, I am going to get the resources of energy, sustenance, healing, and favor to SPRINT when it comes to PRAYING BIG.

Do you want to join us in PRAYING BIG for this upcoming Christmas season?

  • Let’s rise up and declare that the celebration of Christmas commemorates God’s promise being fulfilled once again:  Emmanuel, God with us.  Every place where we are present, we carry the presence of God.  And His presence is saturated with extravagant and unconditional love, kindness, peace, and pure joy.  Our homes have an atmosphere of mercy, gentleness, patience, laughter and unity because of the Holy Spirit.
  • Let’s remember that there is no compromise in what we believe. We are a family who loves God intimately, each other openly and the world radically. When conversations arise where there may be controversy, we don’t have to defend ourselves, or prove a point, but we can rest assured that Jesus came to this world, and He is lovingly pursuing every one of our family members.  (We don’t have to make it happen, we can trust God!
  • Let’s be at rest, knowing that we don’t have to “make things happen” out of fear or force…meaningful moments will be abundant as we naturally hear God’s voice in our hearts.
  • Let’s proclaim God’s favor, abundance, provision, healing, happiness, wisdom, instruction, safety and protection over our families and our future.  These are the very provision of salvation, and they are already ours through Jesus!

Jesus is the REASON for the SEASON…

It’s a season to grow up, yet remain childlike.

It’s a season to trust but still ask.

It’s a season to believe, without restraint.

It’s an important season, one of breakthrough and re-direction.

The path is taking a turn, and you will hear the voice behind you clearly.

This is the way… walk this way.

We are praying BIG for you.

With Much Love and Hope,
Audrey and Bob