Unexpected Pleasures

Dear Friend,

Here’s a glimpse into how my morning changed today.  My prayer is that this little story of God’s goodness and friendship will brighten your outlook and make you feel loved.   

The forecast for today was cloudy and cooler than usual, so I planned on forfeiting my morning walk. I just didn’t feel like facing anything cold.  As I awoke, it was still dark outside, and I sleepily started conversation with Jesus:


You know my thoughts from far away.  You know when I sit, when I sleep and when I rise.  You know everything about me. You know that I have been feeling heavy these last couple of days.  My smile has been a little tired. Or something. I don’t really know. But you do. Sometimes when disappointments pile up on each other, they can lean into discouragement.  But this I also know: You are my very best friend. My hope. My constant.

I opened my eyes and saw pink sky peeking through my window, and I knew I could still catch the sunrise if I didn’t hesitate.  I didn’t overthink it. I didn’t brush my teeth. I just started layering coats on top of my pajamas and put a pair of thick slippers over my fuzzy socks.  Our great big labradoodle Winston was thrilled as he joined me walking out the front door.

My first surprise was the patches of blue sky all around. Wait a minute, wasn’t it supposed to be all-clouds today?  The sunrise was colorful with soft pastels…calming and captivating.

Then, a few minutes later as I approached the wide-open desert where I love to walk in total solitude…the sky was full of hot air balloons!  This was my next surprise. Right-smack-dab in front of me! So close! So huge! So abundant! Hot air balloons rising up everywhere…some near and some far in the distance!  I had never seen so many at one time.

I began to hear the assurance of God’s heart touching mine:

“Audrey, your smile has been tired simply because of a few disappointments.  But I want to remind you that you can trust my timing. I don’t withhold anything good from you.  If it’s supposed to happen…it will…don’t force anything…trust me.

“And those hot air balloons?  Those balloons represent unexpected pleasures.  The very opposite of disappointments! Give me your disappointments, lift them up to me, and say, “I release them…and I trust you…then watch them disappear.  Let yourself smile and be amazed as the hot air balloons fill the sky around you. Let your heart be glad knowing that I have plans for you that are beyond what you could ever imagine.

Unexpected Pleasures await you.

You make my heart as light as a feather.  You lift me up higher to a place where I can proclaim your goodness from the mountaintops!  You are the source of my smile. You are the source of my reward. You are the source of my provision.

With you as my Father,

I am safe and secure.

With you as my Father,

I can laugh at whatever comes my way.

Your breath is my very breath.

Your life is the life within me.

Now for you, my Dear Friend:

Align yourself with heavenly perspective. God is inviting you up…to the place of flowing in His strength and security.  Colossians 3:1 says, “Since you’ve been raised to a new life with Him, set your sights on the realities of heaven.”

The forecast may look glum, but take a leap of faith anyway.  Just a glimpse of God’s colorful hope is enough. Don’t let the forecast limit your possibilities.

You are full of wisdom, so you simply prepare for the challenges ahead, and don’t care about what you look like on the outside.

Always remember…God goes before you and has a plan. I could have missed the whole thing had I dug my head back into my pillow this morning, but I felt His nudge.  His timing was perfect. Romantic, even.

Don’t wait for perfect conditions.

Don’t let the forecast dictate your decisions.

Don’t let disappointments dim your joy.

Don’t overthink and miss the adventure.

Above the clouds there is sunshine, and on top of the mountains you are created to declare His praise.  I wish for you an amazing day of unexpected pleasures.

With Much Love and Hope,